Reimagining the Future of Batteries

Proud recipients of the

TechConnect 2018 | Global Innovation Awards

Introducing eCell

The first ultra-high capacity anode material for next-gen lithium-ion batteries

Groundbreaking Research

Washington State University in collaboration with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are reimagining the future of batteries

500% improved capacity

Offering anode and battery manufacturers the capability to realize 300-500% improvement in energy and power capacity

Over 1000 cycles

eCell has been tested for over 600 charge and discharge cycles and is projected to continue performing acceptably for more than 1000 cycles

Reduced Costs

Half the cost per unit in comparison to a traditional Lithium Ion batteries yields significant production savings

Transformative Innovations

Silicon anode technologies that bring substantial performance improvements

Streamlined Production

Easily integrate eCell technology into exiting production pipelines

We are innovators

Founded in 2018 to commercialize a revolutionary battery anode material invented at Washington State University. We are led by an exceptional group of senior executives and technology leaders with an average of 25+ years of experience transforming fortune 500 companies around the world.

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