Reimagining the Future of Batteries

Proud recipients of the

TechConnect | Global Innovation Awards

Introducing eCell

Groundbreaking ultra-high capacity anode material for next-gen lithium-ion batteries

Groundbreaking Research

Reimagining the future of batteries

500% improved anode capacity

Offering OEMs and battery manufacturers the capability to realize 300-500% improvement in anode capacity

High cycle life

eCell anode material retains greater than 80% capacity after over 1000 charge and discharge cycles at 0.5C

Reduced Costs

Industry leading anode material costs per kWh

Transformative Innovations

Silicon anode technologies that offer 30-50% improvement in lithium ion energy capacity

Streamlined Production

Easily integrate eCell technology into exciting production pipelines

We are innovators

Founded in 2018 to commercialize a revolutionary battery anode material called eCell. We are led by an exceptional group of experienced executives and technology leaders with an average of 25+ years of experience transforming fortune 500 companies around the world.

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